We are experts in aerospace science education and satellite application.


Virtual Reality


Earth observation Spacewalk simulation

Spaceflight Mission

Performing various tasks during manned spaceflight

Interstellar Travel

The earth, a pale blue dot in the vast universe

Augmented Reality

Free Roaming

Giant interactive screen demonstrating the miraculous universe

Spacecraft Painting

Drawing your own spacecraft to fly in space

Somatosensory experience

Zero-G Space

Simulation of Zero-G environment

Liftoff Shock

Simulation of leaving the Earth with a launching rocket

Mars Mission

Driving a Martian vehicle to build a human base

Artificial intelligence

Robot Science Teacher

Robot teacher Q & A on aerospace science

Parallel Universe

More visions of the world with intelligent image processing

VR classroom

Center-controlled & multi-terminal VR assisted class system



Provide space-related programs, technologies and systems for science & technology museums, parks, amusement parks or the Void-like towns。                                                                                                                        

Science Education

Provide software, hardware and curriculum systems for space science education in elementary and secondary schools.                                                                                                                                      

Satellite data service

Large data storage and analysis of satellite, including media, agriculture, geological monitoring, road engineering and other applications.                                                                                                      

Science Popularization

Aerospace theme film and TV program, animation and book production. Aerospace theme commercial advertising. Space theme tourism and study tour. Aerospace science lectures and new media distribution.

About us

SpaceD is a company focusing on aerospace science education, popularization and satellite application. Combining satellite remote sensing data with computer technology such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), we are aimed at a vivid simulation of spaceflight on the ground, creating immersive space experiences.

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